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Are you interested in becoming certified in Hypnotherapy Yourself?

Steven is a certified instructor/trainer with the National Guild of Hypnotists, a leading practitioner and master practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming® (NLP), Society of NLP; Barbara Stepp, Dr. Richard BandlerJohn La Valle, and training in Design Human Engineering (DHE). Steven has worked with the pre-eminent experts in the field of hypnotherapy; he has been mentored and taken several hypnotherapy courses by Don Mottin, and completed several National Guild of Hypnotists workshops with Cal Banyan, Dr. Richard Harte, and Scott McFall. Steven is certified with the American Board of Hypnotherapy and is licensed to teach hypnotherapy certification courses.
Steven will design a hypnotherapy training program especially for you and your team, based on your requirements.

Hypnotherapy is an effective complement to any therapeutic specialty. Steven’s hypnotherapy training successfully integrates hypnotism into your existing professional expertise. Steven's hypnotherapy courses are ideal for professionals in business and in the health and counseling fields. Examples include: physicians, dentists, chiropractors, psychologists, social workers, marriage counselors, nurses, massage practitioners, electrologists and physical therapists.
For those intending to pursue a career in hypnotherapy, this exciting profession is recognized by the United States Department of Labor including a listing in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. Professional hypnotherapists may emphasize private consultations or classes or both. They may specialize or have a general practice.

Hypnotherapy training courses also prove to be valuable for the ministerial and teaching professions, child welfare, optometry, coaching, and for students preparing for a career in the "helping professions." In addition, the course is open to those who wish to study hypnotherapy for other purposes such as improving business skills, personal therapy or research, or developing an avocation or a part-time or retirement career.

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Level One..... 50 Class Hours.....Tuition: $950
Level Two..... 50 Class Hours.....Tuition: $950
Level Three.... 50 Class Hours.....Tuition: $950
Level Four..... 50 Class Hours.....Tuition: $950

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