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Welcome To..., home of Steven H. Lyles & Associates.

Did you ever think you’re doing okay, but you want to do more and do better? You can, and Steven Lyles is here to help you to achieve those goals. Steven Lyles is a Coach, Consulting Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of Neuro - Linguistic Programming® (NLP) with an emphasis on life, business, and executive coaching, and business development. He works with business executives and leaders to increase productivity, achieve greater sales success, transform their leadership and improve their lives.

NLP, or Neuro - Linguistic Programming , is one of the many techniques employed by Steven helping clients achieve the successes they desire. NLP is a technique oriented process which includes nearly 40 years of research and practice that will improve your abilities to communicate and influence others. This can be employed in sales training programs, seminars, speaking engagements, counseling, with seminar speakers, and for participation in events for Conventions, Expos, and the Chamber of Commerce, just as an example.

If you are in or near the area of Columbia or Charleston, South Carolina, or Charlotte, North Carolina, call me and I will be glad to meet with you regarding your personal, business, or executive coaching needs.

Here you’ll find a world of resources about discovering and achieving your own purpose in life, improving your relationships with others, and increasing your business success. Steven Lyles can help you achieve your goals in three main areas:


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Benefits of Training and Life Coaching with Steven Lyles

Steven Lyles’ approach to training and coaching is based on his extensive studies of Neuro-linguistic Programming® (NLP), an emerging discipline of research and practice that is proven to improve people’s abilities to communicate and influence others. Steven’s NLP training and life coaching is designed as a powerful and unique enabler to help leaders, executives, salespeople and change agents to improve their results – at all levels of their organizations.

NLP Sales Training

Steven is a leading practitioner and master practitioner of NLP & DHE licensed exclusively by the Society of Neuro-linguistic Programming® directly from NLP founder Dr. Richard Bandler.

He trains leaders and business executives on how to use the principles of NLP to improve their sales results, strengthen their business relationships, enhance their personal communication skills, and manage their emotional states and overall outlook on life.

Chamber of Commerce Sales Retention Background

Steven Lyles has unique understanding of the business environment, having worked as a Chamber of Commerce leader for the past decade and lectured nationally on member-centric retention.

Personal Coaching, In House Workshops, Large Group Seminars

Steven Lyles provides powerful strategies for producing personal and professional achievement through a series of intensive NLP-based training workshops and courses. Steven Lyles works with clients by phone consultation, webinars and on site by appointment.

Are you ready to see how Steven Lyles can help your organization?

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“Steven Lyles has given me the most effective, positive, and life coaching results that I have ever experienced opening the doors for our company to a completely new market – increasing corporate productivity with our accelerated reading methods. His knowledge of the corporate environment makes him an amazing asset to any corporation.”

Dr. Jay Polmar, founder

“Oh man, know thyself; for
hidden in thee is the treasure
of all treasures.”

- Ancient Egyptian Scroll

Steven Lyles has worked with several high profile businessmen, this is what Mike Litman had to say about his work:

Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingToo often we give away our selves, or our self power to others because we want everyone to like us. That's a lot of wasted energy.

If you worry about what others think, it leaves you without what you need for your own success - self-esteem. Do you ever ask yourself ‘Is what I'm doing in my own best interest?’

Some people might think I’m being tough, others might agree with me, and it's your choice what to think, but we've all seen dozens of people throw away their selves and their lives away, repeatedly not realizing what they've done and never reaching their own life’s potential.

If you want success in your business and leadership skills that lead you to your goals, work with my protégé and good friend Steven Lyles. Steve has helped others, like you, with establishing their businesses goals, developing leadership skills and having an improved bottom line while enjoying their work and life more.

Mike Litman, #1 best-selling author of
Conversations with Millionaires

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Just a note: About Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. The use of hypnosis for habit control, such as weight loss, stop smoking, eliminate gambling addictions, or computer game addiction, developing more self confidence, and reducing stress levels are just of the few things that hypnotherapy is great for controlling. Just ask Steve about methods to change your life using the techniques of hypnosis or self-hypnosis. You will be amazed!

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