Steven H. Lyles


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Level One Course Includes:

Historical Overview of Hypnotherapy
Nature of Hypnotherapy and Suggestion
Misconceptions About Hypnotherapy
Pre-Induction Interview
Establishing Realistic Goals
Induction and Deepening Techniques
The Inner Sanctuary
Developing Hypnotic Rapport
Structuring Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
Hypnotic Testing

Awakening Techniques
Post-Hypnotic Re-induction
Semantics of Hypnotherapy
Producing Somnambulism
Measuring Hypnotic Depth
Ideomotor Signals
Stress Reduction Strategies
Comprehensive Weight Reduction
Overcoming Addictions and Habits
Accessing Subconscious Wisdom

How to Teach Self-Hypnotherapy
Hypnotic Metaphors
Transforming Resistance
Hypnotizing Children
Healing the Inner Child
Directive vs. Permissive Styles
Indirect Suggestion
Ericksonian Techniques
Shamanism, including Huna
Discovering Underlying Issues

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