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Steven Lyles provides executive coaching and life coaching to clients in the corporate world.
With executive coaching from Steven Lyles, you and your organization can achieve:

  • Organizational empowerment and education: Your entire organization can benefit from the results that Steven can help you achieve.
  • Personal and organizational coaching: Whether you’re a single executive looking to improve your skills, or whether you have an entire sales team or leadership team that needs a unique seminar or longer-term training course, Steven Lyles can deliver the results you need.

Embrace change and achieve specific goals: The business environment is going through a profound transformation. Is your organization prepared to embrace change, or be left behind? Steven Lyles can work with you and your team to optimize your response to change and lay the groundwork for a successful future.


Highly trained in executive coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP sales skills, Steven H. Lyles has the specialized experience to tailor a coaching program to fit your needs.
Do any of these questions sound familiar to you?

  • Do you want to become more goal oriented?
  • Are areas of your business floundering or dragging the rest of the business down financially?
  • Do you feel “stuck” and pinned down by mental clutter and unmade decisions?
  • Do you have specific objectives that you want to achieve, but you can’t quite seem to make a plan and commit to getting it done?
  • Do you feel like you and your organization are just not living up to their potential?
  • Are you ready to transform the course of your career and your business?

Steven Lyles can offer his unique experience as a coach and a successful sales leader to help your organization grow. Steven helps clients through the use of NLP strategies and real-life lessons from his own successful career experiences.

Coaching provides huge benefits to clients. Coaching is one of the most powerful things that Fortune 500 & 100 corporations have done to help their careers and companies grow; working with a coach helps you reach specific goals, and it helps you get there FASTER. The added advantage of coaching from Steven Lyles is that not only is he a certified coach, but he is also trained in advanced mind skills including Hypnotherapy, NLP and TimeLines.

As a certified hypnotherapist, Steven Lyles uses hypnotherapy to guide, support and facilitate clients who are going through rapid changes in their lives and careers. Hypnotherapy is becoming increasingly common in health care, physical therapy, sports psychology, and other fields dedicated to improving human performance – more business leaders are realizing the benefits of hypnotherapy to achieve focus and maintain their mental edge.

No matter what type of coaching you need, you will receive continuous support, supervision and training as Steven’s ongoing commitment to your professional development helps you to create the results you desire.


Everyone’s situation is unique. One client may need more personal strategies for advancement and success while others are focused on the development of their organizational culture. We customize each coaching program to fulfill the needs and achieve the goals of each individual client. All goals are achievable and we will coach you to achieve them.

Ten Reasons to Hire an Executive Coach. 

  1. Address difficult situations in a non-threatening environment. With Steven Lyles as your coach, no topic is off-limits; there are no “sacred cows.” With candor, respect and support, Steven Lyles can help you focus on the core issues affecting your career and your organization.
  2. Take control of a stalled career. Many rising executives hire a coach to help them get past an obstacle in their career path – do you need to hone some skills? Do you need to improve your relationship-building abilities? Let Steven Lyles help you find the “missing piece” so you can move on to greater success.
  3. Talent identification and self actualization. Do you know what you’re best at? Do you know how to spot signs of greatness on your team? Steven Lyles can help you identify your best attributes and develop them to the fullest. 
  4. Leadership Development. With 10 years of experience as a Chamber of Commerce leader and top sales performer, Steven Lyles can help you cultivate your leadership skills – with tips and techniques grounded in “real world” success. 
  5. Adopt state-of-the-art creativity and innovation. Are you and your organization ready to truly embrace the creative potential of your industry, your skill set, your moment in time? Steven Lyles can help you get past self-defeating though patterns and limiting behaviors; often the biggest obstacle to innovation lies within.
  6. Combat declining performance and profitability. Don’t let a few “ups and downs” turn into a permanent downward spiral. Steven Lyles can work with you to take the reins of your organization and set a path for lasting improvement in your results.
  7. Transition and change management. Times of transition and change can prove challenging for any organization – when new leadership comes to the helm, when massive changes hit an industry or a region, or when new technology or market innovations occur, this can be a time of uncertainty for many people affected by the decisions and new direction of the organization. Steven Lyles can help your organization adapt to change while staying true to your values and vision.
  8. Focus on excellence. Do you want to raise your sights? Do you want to elevate the standards of your entire organization? Steven Lyles works with organizations and business leaders who are ready to take their teams to the next level of performance. He can help you maintain a relentless focus on achieving results and establishing higher expectations for yourself and your team – with measurable goals and milestones along the way.
  9. Transformational leadership needs. Are you ready to make a big splash at your organization? Are you ready to completely change people’s perceptions of you, your company, or your brand? Steven Lyles can help you plan your strategies and implement effective action steps.
  10. Profit and growth. Is your organization not performing up to its potential? Are you leaving money on the table? Are you pursuing unprofitable activities at the expense of your core revenue streams? Steven Lyles can work with you and your sales teams to focus on the right activities and the right objectives at any given time; he can help you identify the best opportunities and cut loose the biggest problems.

Benefits of Hiring a Coach

Coaching can help organizations make sustainable improvements in areas of productivity, internal and external communications, employee attitudes, and recruitment and retention of staff.

Benefits for the Organization:

  • Improve productivity, quality, customer service and shareholder value 
  • Gain increased employee commitment and satisfaction, which can lead to improved retention
  • Demonstrate to employees that the organization is committed to developing its staff and helping them improve their skills 
  • Support employees who’ve been promoted to cope with new responsibilities 
  • Help employees to sort out personal issues that might otherwise affect performance at work 
  • Gain a satisfactory process for self-development
  • Support other training and development initiatives

Benefits for the Individual:

  • Increase motivation, manage your own emotional states and habits
  • Learn to solve your personal problems 
  • Improve managerial and interpersonal skills 
  • Have better relationships with colleagues
  • Learn how to identify and act on development needs 
  • Have greater confidence 
  • Become more effective, assertive in dealing with people 
  • Have a positive impact on performance 
  • Have greater self-awareness and gain new perspectives 
  • Acquire new skills and abilities 
  • Develop greater adaptability to change 
  • Improve work-life balance
  • Reduce stress levels

Steven Lyles can help you set the stage for your success and improve your bottom line results.  

Steven Lyles’ unique expertise and focus comes from his real-life leadership success.  His personal journey of learning and growth, and his core values of trust, openness, respect, confidentiality and customer responsiveness, ensure that you will get the results you need.

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