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  1. Through an interactive process we determine your needs, coaching aims and how these can align with your personal goals as well as how they align with your organization’s objectives. Through this process we can determine if coaching is the appropriate solution to help you reach your target goals.
  2. Once we both agree on the goals and desired outcomes, the first coaching session will clarify the goals and outcomes for the coaching sessions along with the scope, the techniques, and the length of time required.
  3. A coaching plan is then developed, containing expected indicators of progress and success. These will serve as benchmarks for your success and progress. Your individualized coaching plan will ensure focus on your individual goals and will define the milestones (both short and long term) and measures of success within a specific time frame.

Each coaching session will last between one and two hours, and additional sessions will be scheduled to allow you sufficient time to put your plan into action. Steven Lyles is also available for phone consultations between sessions, and coaching sessions can be conducted by phone or online for your convenience.

Coaching is most effective when goals are developed as a collaborative effort and revised in a continuous process throughout the duration of each client’s plan.


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